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Valhalla Publishing is proud to be associated with the magnificent Newquoy Guest House & Writers Retreat, on Sanday, Orkney, there can be no publishing house in the world that is set in more awesome and stunning and creative surroundings. Valhalla Publishing is widely regarded as being the most northerly based book publisher in the British Isles.  


We are currently looking for new and experienced writers and authors to help deliver a huge range of new books, primarily we will consider manuscripts that are from the crime fiction and mystery genre, however, we also want ghost stories and tales of the supernatural as well as local history (myths and legend) books too. We aspire to create and deliver books created by a wealth of new and established writers and authors from across the English speaking world.


If you are a novice or experienced writer, or author and you would like your manuscript considered for e-book publishing by Valhalla Publishing, Sanday, then send a succinct (up to three page) synopsis to us at info@valhallapublishing.co.uk outlining your project idea, its strengths and what makes it different.


We want fiction books that are gripping, intriguing and full of great story lines and characters. Ghost stories and those of the supernatural must be spine chillers, keeping the reader gripped to the edge of their seat without being overtly graphic in the gruesome detail, we want scary story lines. If your book fits with our publishing programme and we too believe in it, then we will work with you through to actual publication and beyond.


Valhalla Publishers respects the craft of writing and will look to create a longstanding publishing relationship with authors. We want you and your writing to succeed, as part of the writer-publisher partnership we want to work together to deliver the best quality e-books on the market.